About me

Stefan Betsch, experience Bad Cannstatt

Bad Cannstat is my home town. I was born and went to school here. Here are my roots.


I am involved honorarily for the oldest part of Stuttgart. Since my fourth year of age the Fasnet, a traditional type of carneval in a guild called Kübelesmarkt, is everything to me once a year. Until 2010 I was a board member of Pro Alt-Cannstatt e.V. for eleven years, responsible for public relations. I was part of the city marketing project and I initiated a one way traffic solution in the old town together with an initiative of several clubs. I helped to bring out several publications about Bad Cannstatt and moderate a carneval ball, carneval parades and the annual Volkfest parade.


The knowledge I gained through all these Years I communicate now within the opportunities published here. This is more than only a job to me, it is a must and great joy to introduce my home town to other people. These are resients as well as foreigners.